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  • You guys are awesome, thank you so much for looking after Taruni. - Sue from Greenbank

  • Amazing staff & services!- Susan from Beaudesert

  • Thank you so much for coming out to stitch my poor horse up this morning! It is the second time that I have had to call and get someone out and the service has been wonderful...and my horse is looking and feeling a lot better. - Jennie from Cedar Grove

  • Dr David Barthomomuez is brilliant. Yes I am totally biased but it is based on my experience over the last 6 wks with my mare Rivver. Treatment is still on going and I get the pleasure of picking David's brain for lots of horsey info when he does his weekly visit! I am very impressed with the way David handles and treats my mare, he genuinely cares. The girls in the office have also been wonderful to deal with. Keep up the great work team Vevs! - Cindi from Tamborine Village

  • "Thank you for your after-care service, I am very very impressed to say the least. The phone call from you today following up on my horses progress has won my business."

    - Sue from Gardenvale Stud

  • "Thanks to Dr David for helping my old man feel better... I would recommend this veterinary clinic to anyone, and I wouldn't use any other vet."

    -Nelly from Munruben

  • "I cannot fault their willingness to assist you as soon as possible, their capacity to prioritise so the most urgent animals are attended to quickly, their gentle way with horses, their knowledge and their reasonable prices..." - Sharon from Cedar Grove

  • "Thanks so much to Dr Dave and the team for all your hard work with getting Karrie in foal!!! We are very grateful and couldn't have done it without you guys!" - Lynette from Logan Village
  • "Your patience and gentle nature were greatly appreciated by both of us. Thank you." - Karen from Jimboomba

  • "Our family would like to give a big thank you and hug to Dr David, Kelly & all the team at Veresdale Equine Veterinary Services for saving our dog sid from a brown snake bite. Without their caring services I dont think sid would of made it, thanks guys. " - Hurchalla Family

  • "David and his team treat their client’s animals as if they were their own and have helped me and my horses in some very stressful situations over the years, thankfully, always with a excellent outcome!" - Toni from Jimboomba
  • "Thank you so much for the extra good care you took of Lilly ... I’ve always been extremely happy with Dave as our vet, I think he truly does a wonderful job, and you can really see how much he cares.” - Tania Banek

  • "The fact that Dave has been my vet for many years speaks volumes.  Dave has a very nice manner and deals with the horses in a calm and kind way.  He always takes time to explain options and procedures and to advise on what he considers to be the best course of treatment." - Gillian Coote
  • "Although we may have moved, we would not consider using any other veterinarian other than David to care for our horses." – Brett and Danielle from Wonglepong

  • "David has been my vet now for several years. Over that time with the highs and lows of my veterinary needs, David has always been compassionate, caring and friendly." - Marnie Wilmott

  • "We really appreciate David's practical, no-nonsense approach to everything, his vast knowledge and his abilities."

    – Marty & Danielle at North Maclean

  • "We feel that the care David shows our horses is the same as if they were his own."

    Weownna Warmbloods

  • "We have been using Dr "Bart" since we bought our first two ponies for our girls 6 years ago. He has always given us great advice and service over the years." – B & G Russell

  • "At VEVS, I always get the right advice, which means I’ve always gotten the right result"

    – Peter @ Acton Classical Equitation

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All About Sarcoids

Written by Dr David Bartholomeusz, B. Sc, B.V.M.S, M.A.C.V.S .

They are a transmissable tumour which we think is caused by a virus similar to the cattle  Papiloma Virus or the wart virus.

Is a Sarcoid a cancer?
It is not an actual true cancer, but is an uncontrolled growth so has similar properties of cancer.

How is a sarcoid transmitted?sarcoid_2
It is believed to be transmitted by flies or by direct contact, but it doesn't necessarily mean if one horse has them in the paddock any of the other horses will get them.

There are two forms of Sarcoids, a flat form & a lumpy form & on occasion you can have a mixture of the two. The sarcoid itself can be slow growing or fast growing, they can be dormant for years then grow rapidly all of a sudden. Disturbance of a quiescent (dormant) sarcoid can cause rapid growth.

Can they be treated?
Yes. There is a multitude of treatments for them, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they will be effective on all horses. The choice of treatment depends on the size, type, area on horse & sometimes the budget.

Some of the treatments are:

  • Removal – surgically.
  • Freezing – with liquid nitrogen, (also used for freeze branding & on skin cancers in humans).
  • Sarcoid Ointment – can only be applied by a vet because of the toxic ingredients. This involves approximately 3 treatments over 2 weeks, the time frame depends on the sarcoids reaction to the ointment.
  • Cysplatin – cancer drug, this & various other cancer durgs have been tried.
  • Immune implantation – when a piece of the sarcoid is frozen then implanted (elsewhere) into the patient to cause an immune reaction & from this the body should fight off the virus/tumour itself. Note- this treatment is still experimental.
  • Accupuncture – to irritate them (David has heard of this, but not seen it).
  • Wart Ointments etc, etc, etc

There are probably many more other treatments that have not been mentioned above. Your veterinarian will advise you on the best treatment plan for your horses' particular sarcoid.

In some cases one of these treatment methods will give you a successful outcome, at times a combination of the above will be effective and occasionally none of the above will be successful.


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